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Liam Mackenzie & Young Rust

The debut EP from

Liam Mackenzie

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Liam Mackenzie


Liam Mackenzie and Young Rust are a Canadian based rock and roll outfit, hailing from opposite ends of the country, delivering unfiltered, bonafide roots rock with unapologetic honesty, heartfelt and succinctly delivered.

Formed in 2012, by Liam Mackenzie, Young Rust recorded an EP called “First Rust” in 2013. Liam and his friends, all seasoned musicians from the southern Ontario circuit, formed originally for the sole purpose of studio tracking, but once it clicked, Liam and the band knew it was bigger than just recording, and soon after, they hit the road.

“First Rust” was mixed and produced by Ian Blurton (C’mon, Change of Heart, Public Animal, Cowboy Junkies) and mastered by Joao Carvalho (Sloan, Sam Roberts Band, The Sheepdogs).

After 3 years of recording, showcases, filming, festivals and shows headlining shows, the band went on hiatus. Mackenzie retreated to his hometown of Pender Island. This hiatus became a time of reflection and songwriting. Mackenzie has come up with an album that is a collection of lyric driven rock ‘n roll, that is both swaggering and rousing with nods to Mackenzie’s self-confessed hero—Mr. Tom Petty himself.

It’s rare for someone so young to play what sounds like legacy rock n’roll that is rebellious, celebratory and that will leave you yearning for the open road.


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